Important information you need to know before you start your move to Mississauga from Montreal. Mississauga Ontario is a city not only of great population density but a city that often has its priorities set out compared to its close neighbor Toronto. In two decades the city has doubled in population, which often translates that Mississauga is a popular city to settle down in for residents often employed in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area. On a national scale Mississauga is the sixth most populous municipality, with a current population of approximately 734,000. Currently 49% of the population speak English with French around the 2% mark of the over all population, this can sometimes attract many people from places in Quebec because its often hard to find a city close to Toronto with a French speaking population. If Mississauga has grabbed your attention to the point of considering moving there from Montreal planning ahead and doing some minor research on the city will help ensure your move is a successful one. The distance from Montreal to Mississauga is approximately 566 kilometers, which can translate into approximately 6 hours and 24 minutes of driving. If taking the most direct route from Montreal you would travel along Autoroute 720 West, until merging onto Autoroute 20 West. Once crossing provincial borders you will now be driving on Ontario Highway 401 West, where the majority of your driving will be on this highway. Once into the city limits of Toronto, keeping an eye out for important exits will ensure you continue on the proper route, keep an eye out for exit 352 which will merge you onto Ontario highway 427 south, once on this highway you will merge onto the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and once again take one more exit 130 for Mississauga Road North. Make sure you have all exit numbers, and local road maps to keep any mistakes on transit from happening, if you can equip your travel with a GPS system this will always keep you on track. While on route from Montreal, you will be passing a number of cities once passing the Ontario border such as Kingston, Brockville, Cobourg, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Toronto and finally the city limits of Mississauga. When searching for Montreal movers to assist you and your family in a long distance move to Mississauga from Montreal, investigating the prospect company for experience in long distance moves with prior clients to the province Ontario or Mississauga in general will always ensure you made the right choice and keep your mind at ease during this transition. Once getting to the part of selecting a home in Mississauga, this can be often the easiest part of your move, due to the large population boom in the city, there are many different types of homes and apartments offered to residents within the city. Often it will come down to preference, such as living downtown or more of a suburb, Mississauga offers it all. If you are the type of person or family that would choose to live closer to Hospitals, Mississauga does offer many great public services in the city. The most popular Hospital in Mississauga is known as the Trillium Health Centre located on the Queensway West, often finding a home in this area is not difficult with the right available services. If looking for an apartment, always ensure looking up local by laws and provincial legislation will help keep you from finding a landlord that will take advantage of your situation and at the very least keep you prepared. If you are looking to further your education in the City of Mississauga, not only does the city offer multiple French immersion schools but also extended French programs at a number of secondary schools in the city. In total the city has 150 public schools (elementary and secondary) to fulfill the needs of all youths in such a large population. For post secondary education the city has one university campus run through the University of Toronto, but is formerly known as the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM/Erindale College) with approximately 10 000 students enrolled. Also has one college that is set to open in 2011, Sheridan College that operates its main campus not far in Oakville. If you will be using public transportation to navigate around the city, the city does over its own public transportation known as the Mississauga Transit with many connections to the Toronto Transit Commissions subways and as well the GO Transit system that operates in many areas of the Greater Toronto Area. Mississauga is also home to Toronto’s largest international airport known as Pearson International Airport, which is considered Canada’s busiest airport. Before making a final decision on moving to Mississauga from Montreal it’s always a great idea to visit the city not only to condition your self for the long trip there, but to also get a feel for the city and the environment of the city. Due to Mississauga’s close location to Toronto, it can seem like a very busy city compared to Montreal, however can be an enjoyable weekend if you have children to take along with you. Not only are there many historic attractions such as museums and historic homes that attract tourists from all over the country, however if you visit the city during the summer there are more then 60 free planned events to attract residents to the city square which can attract more then 50 000 people in three days of events. Mississauga also offers the finest restaurants and accommodations due to its diverse cultures within the city. Mississauga is growing more and more each decade, this can often contribute to your growing family or if you want to relate a city to Montréal, often Mississauga is the perfect choice. With enough pre planning and research making this transition from Montreal to Mississauga can be easy and stress free. If deciding on a moving company from Montreal to assist in a move from Montreal to Mississauga, be sure to ask the company if they have any experience in the city of Mississauga and know their current traffic laws. If you want to move your piano or pool table to Mississauga from Montreal, ask if the movers have experience and all equipment for that! Selecting Montreal Moving Service VASY TRANSPORT - you are going to make sure your possessions are safely and securely transferred, and that this is done as quickly as possible. The choice is up to you! Good luck and happy moving!


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