Important information you need to know before you start your move to Kingston from Montreal. Kingston, Ontario is a popular city in Ontario not only for the historical aspect of the city but often because this is where the St.Lawrence River meets one of the great lakes (Lake Ontario). Kingston is often known as a halfway point for many people traveling between Montreal and Toronto. Kingston has a current approximate population of 120,000 residents with a large number of different economic sectors that keep much of the area employed. The majority of the population about 85% speaks English as a first language compared to only about 0.39% who speak French, so if making a decision on moving from Montreal to Kingston often incorporating english into your every day activities may simplify things such as finding employment. If traveling in your own personal vehicle to Kingston from Montreal, the destined route is very simple to navigate. The Ontario highway 401 is the primary access route into the city of Kingston. The distance from Montreal to Kingston can vary depending on your preferred route. If taking the most direct route to Kingston your trip would last approximately three hours and eighteen minutes or 244kms. Depending on where you are currently residing in Montreal, taking the Autoroute 720 west toward Autoroute 20 west, will be the best route to merge onto the Ontario highway 401 West toward Kingston, because much of your trip will be traveled on this Ontario highway. Keeping an eye out for important exits to get into Kingston is also important to make sure you end up in the right part of the city. While traveling you will be passing many different cities in both Quebec and Ontario. Traveling west along Autoroute 20 from Montreal you would pass cities such as Beaconsfield, Saint Anne de Bellevue, Domaine-Pharand, until finally crossing provincial borders. Once in Ontario there are a few cities that will be passed such as Lancaster, Cornwall, Brockville, until finally making it to the outer limits of Kingston. Planning your best efficient route is always key to ensuring a successful move and will keep the chance of mistakes from occurring during transit. When searching for Montreal movers to assist you and your family in a long distance move to Kingston from Montreal, investigating the prospect company for experience in long distance moves with prior clients to the province Ontario or Kingston in general will always ensure you made the right choice and keep your mind at ease during this transition. If moving to Kingston from Montreal for the opportunity of post secondary education, the city offers two main universities, Queens University and the Royal Military College of Canada. There is also a community college known as St. Lawrence College. Queens University is one of Canada’s oldest universities and offers many different programs in variety fields of study. The Royal Military College of Canada is the only military university in the country, which provides academic and training to officer cadets and members of the Canadian armed forces. St Lawrence College offers baccalaureate degree programs at the Kingston campus but has a partnership with Laurentian University. If you have children that need to attend public elementary or secondary schools, the city offers fifty-six Elementary and twelve secondary schools. Currently Kingston has a transit system that primarily runs on bus lines, with forty-eight buses in fleet, and seventeen different routes within the city. There are also services for bus and train (VIA Rail) to travel from other cities such as Toronto and Montreal. Kingston also has an airport (Kingston Airport) where you can reach 965 destinations across Ontario, Canada, The United States and overseas. It estimated that approximately 3.8 million people use the Kingston public transportation service each year. If you have not found an opportunity or resource to find a new apartment or home in Kingston there are many services within the city to help you fight the right choice for you and your family. The city also offers subsidized housing to ensure that everyone no matter their financial situation is able to find a home with out any difficulty; some of these corporations are non-profit to ensure the best services are given. When choosing a home or apartment in Kingston its often important to try and find an area that will best suit your needs. Often important places such as hospitals or public schools are good areas to start. The city of Kingston has a number of local hospitals; The Kingston General Hospital is located on 76 Stuart Street, which are blocks away from Queens University. If you have questions about logistics within the city such as Waste pick up, taxes or utilities often knowing where the City Hall is located is also important to ensure you get your responsibilities taken care of in a timely fashion. If you have an opportunity when planning ahead your move to Kingston, it’s always a great idea to visit the city not only to scout for future dwellings but also to experience the culture within the city. This will help you get to know the city a little bit better and make awareness of your surroundings. If you have a family often brining them with you will create a family weekend out of the trip instead of something you are obligated to do by your self. Kingston offers many different hotels and restaurants to ensure a relaxing stay in the city. If you have a taste for Italian pasta, Japanese, or the traditional bar and grill, Kingston offers award wining cuisine for an affordable price. If deciding on staying in the city for the weekend while conducting your business, there are many great hotels such as the Holiday INN, which is a waterfront Hotel with a great view of Lake Ontario. Also a newly built Sheraton Hotel is located in the downtown core if you are one who likes to take advantage of shopping and specialty shops within the city. Once you decide on a moving company to help you and your family in a move to Kingston from Montreal, always be sure to plan ahead and not to be afraid to ask some of the basic questions. Knowing if the company has experience in the city of Kingston will often make this part of your life a very easy transition without any mistakes. If you want to move your piano or pool table to Kingston from Montreal, ask if the movers have experience and all equipment for that! Executing a long distance move from Montreal to Kingston can be accomplished with enough budgeting and careful planning. When searching for Montreal movers to assist you with your long distance move from Montreal to Windsor, investigating the prospect company for past experiences in Ontario or moving clients to the city of Windsor in general, will ensure a stress free move during this transition. Moving from Montreal to Kingston can be complex with many steps implicated to ensure everything goes as planned with precision and care. Thus finding a reliable and experienced long-distance moving company is important when planning such a large move from Montreal to Kingston. Finding a reliable mover can give you the satisfaction and peace of mind keeping you focused on other tasks involved during the move. Selecting the right moving company from Montreal or long distance movers in Montreal in general without the appropriate research can be time consuming, however checking company references, prior satisfied customer referrals, and that the moving company you choose operates or has operated in the past with the city you'll need to move to will always keep you one step ahead in your move. Selecting Montreal Economical Moving Service – VASY TRANSPORT - you are going to make sure your possessions are safely and securely transferred, and that this is done as quickly as possible. The choice is up to you! Good luck and happy moving!


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